About Mountain Hardscape Systems

Mountain Hardscape Systems was founded with one premise in mind, to beautify and improve the Boise area with the lasting strength and beauty of pavers and stone. Business is good and profits are a benefit of being a successful company. However, our TRUE success lies in transforming properties and seeing, as well as hearing about the effect our projects have on families, communities, and people in general. 

With over 20+ years of combined experience, our team of professional designers and master installers have one goal, to provide you with an extraordinary experience. We believe that excellence in our craft is only preceded by excellent customer service. Nothing is more frustrating than hiring someone to work on your home and feeling like you are at their mercy. No homeowner wants to feel in the dark about what is happening at their property or the methods of construction being used.

We pride ourselves in presenting you with an in-depth understanding of exactly what will take place at your home and giving you an EXACT cost on your project as well. Once MHS and their customers come to an agreement as to design, cost, and materials, we can begin to make your dream a reality.

So have us out today for a FREE design consultation and let’s build you the outdoor living space you’ve always wanted.

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