At MHS we specialize in all forms of paver construction and design. Pavers have been around for literally centuries and there are many reasons why. The main two reasons are its strength and the artistic beauty of the pavers themselves. Pavers, when correctly installed, should offer the homeowner a worry-free, maintenance free, and beautiful space for 20-30+ years or MORE. There is NO other material we have seen that can make the same claim and be able to provide the lasting beauty of pavers. In fact, as concrete wears, so does its appearance and structural integrity, where when many pavers start to show wear, they take on more character and charm. Invite us for a free consultation today, and let one of MHS’s experienced designers show you just what we can do for your property.


Over the years, certain products and certain companies stand out from the competition. companies that can be relied upon for high quality and companies which will install to specifications necessary for lasting beauty and integrity. others look for short-cuts to make better margins at your dismay and expense. We, at MHS, believe that the true measure of a company is how well it can respond to its customer’s needs, its attention to quality and detail, and the ability to do what we say we will do. It seems like in todays rat-race world of small people and big profits, these standard values have fallen to the wayside. MHS is building its reputation slowly, the only way we know how, with quality products, competitive prices, and absolute fastest and best service we are capable of providing you. We understand there are plenty of people offering something similar to what we do, but we are confident that they will fall short in providing you the value and positive experience you will have with us. We would be honored to be on your next project and look forward to meeting with you soon.


As a family owned business, our mission at MHS is to provide our customers with unmatched service, beautiful products installed properly, while providing a sense of lasting value when we are done. We are determined to invest in the highest quality people for our team to ensure our goals are met and to aim for continued growth both internally and in our community. We would like to see much more of the valley covered in beautiful stone before we are finished.


people have asked about paver driveways for years and there seems to be a misconception about the application. People tend to worry that a paver system cannot hold up to the rigorous abuse of vehicles being on it. NOTHING could be further from the truth. Pavers (when installed properly) will outlast a concrete driveway by many years. There is no better value for your driveway than the lasting strength and integrity of pavers, and we think they sure look a lot better than concrete. Ask about what we can do for your driveway.


Wether it is a natural stone fireplace or a multi-tier paver patio for your hot tub and entertaining, MHS has you covered. With over 75 stones options to choose from and countless combinations available, we can design your dream living space for you. Don’t have any ideas? That’s alright, we can show you our vision and change it around until we all agree that it is what your home needs. Call today and lets design YOUR DREAMSCAPE!


We at MHS are fully capable of creating anything you can imagine with pavers. wether you want a gorgeous walkway leading back to your yard, a stunning staircase up to your front entrance, or a custom wall out front of your home with a stone mailbox, we can meet your needs. Call today and lets find out what those needs are.





CALL TODAY and we will have one of Mountain Hardscape Systems experienced designers come to your home or property for a free consultation. Our representative will walk you through the entire process from start to finish, answer any questions you might have, and THEN THE FUN CAN BEGIN. We will help you design your project and offer ideas for whatever you had in mind. We can keep it simple or use our amazing 3D hardscape design studio to show you what your dreamscape will look like in reality. IT JUST COULDN’T BE ANY EASIER! So CALL NOW to set up a FREE consultation.



We wanted to do something with our home but weren’t sure what. We had some interest in replacing our cracked driveway and were thinking of stamped concrete. My husband and I spent a good deal of time comparing options and pricing. We didn’t want the cheapest fix but didn’t want to break the bank either. Meeting with contractors was stressful and annoying for us. It felt like everyone was pressuring us and not answering our questions. We were taken back when we met with MHS, they were professional from the first call. _______ , the rep for MHS showed us pavers and we were beside ourselves. We never knew they were an option before and they were absolutely beautiful. The rep helped us choose colors that would compliment our home and helped steer us towards an option that was budget friendly. He explained the differences in materials and it just made sense. Pavers were not the cheapest option by a long shot but everyone just loves our driveway and we get compliments all the time. We are confident that we wont have to ever replace it again so it was money well spent especially after pouring concrete twice in 8 years. Two thumbs up for MHS.

Working with MHS couldn’t have been easier. The rep walked us through the whole process from start to finish and although it was noisy one day, we loved everything about the experience and were aware of each step through the process. The crew was polite, professional, and our patio came out more beautiful then we ever could have expected. We would highly recommend MHS to any one of our friends or family without question.