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As a family owned business, our mission at Mountain Hardscape Systems is to provide our customers with unmatched service, beautiful products, and expert hardscape installation, while providing a lasting value. We are determined to invest in the highest quality people for our team to ensure our goals are met and to aim for continued growth both internally and in our community. We would like to see much more of the valley covered in beautiful stone before we are finished.

Mountain Hardscape Systems specializes in all forms of paver construction and design. Pavers have been around for literally centuries and there are many reasons why. The main two reasons are its strength and the artistic beauty of the pavers themselves. Pavers, when correctly installed, should offer the homeowner a worry-free, maintenance free, and beautiful space for 20-30+ years or MORE. There is NO other material we have seen that can make the same claim and be able to provide the lasting beauty of pavers. In fact, as concrete wears, so does its appearance and structural integrity, where when many pavers start to show wear, they take on more character and charm. Invite us for a free consultation today, and let one of MHS’s experienced designers show you just what we can do for your property.

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Mountain Hardscape Systems is here to make your dream of an outdoor living space come true. No matter what size or budget you have, we can help by providing affordable financing options that will get the job done for less than some people pay on their monthly utility bills!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer Financing?
Yes, we have financing options available! Contact us to find out the financing options available for you.

Can you work with my existing Hardscapes?

We can! We work with your existing hardscape and layout or we can create an entirely new design.

Do you offer water features?

Yes we do! We have a full line of custom water features from fountains to waterfalls  that we can incorporate into your design.